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size your curtains

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Installation tips Make sure the curtains are as close to the ceiling as possible. Remember air gaps are your enemy. A great way to solve the problem of air gaps is by using magnetic tape. With tape running around the edge of the curtains and also the wall or window frame, you can ensure a good seal is made when the curtains are closed. Magnetic tape is relatively inexpensive and easily available. Getting curtains that reach the floor will also Thermal Curtains eliminate any draughts down below. Hanging 2 sets of curtains will improve the energy efficiency even more. Make sure there are no "leaks" coming from the window. Old caulking needs to be replaced to stop air from traveling through. How to size your curtains Getting the right size of curtains for your windows is crucial in ensuring efficient insulation. Ideally, you don't want air gaps at the top, bottom or sides. They come in as standard as a 52" width set, but multiple lengths are available. They feature 8 grommets lining the top, each with a diameter of 1.6". These should fit most standard curtain rods or even more decorative rods. Style-wise they aren't the most elegant in the world, and I would rate them as a 7/10. But, it's their functionality that makes them stand out. If they make a difference to your quality of life (with regards to sleeping, warmth, or noise) then aesthetics aren't so important anyway.
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